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Convelinerollers : The Role of Accumulation Rollers. In the world of material handling, efficiency and precision are key to ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. Accumulation rollers are unsung heroes in this process, quietly but effectively playing a crucial role in ensuring the seamless flow of goods in various industries. **What Are Accumulation Rollers?** Accumulation rollers, also known as accumulation conveyor rollers, are a vital component in conveyor systems. They are designed to allow products to accumulate, or gather, along the conveyor line without causing jams or disruptions. These rollers are typically installed in sections of the conveyor line where product accumulation is required, such as at sorting points, packaging stations, or quality control areas. **How Do They Work?** Accumulation rollers are unique in their design. They incorporate a slip clutch mechanism that allows rollers to rotate freely when products are moving, but they can stop or slow down when products back up or accumulate in the line. In conclusion, accumulation rollers may be simple in design, but their impact on material handling operations is anything but insignificant. These unassuming devices quietly keep the conveyor lines moving smoothly, making sure that products reach their intended destinations without disruptions. Whether in a bustling warehouse or a high-speed manufacturing facility, accumulation rollers are the unsung heroes that help keep the supply chain running efficiently. More info Contact & visit our site +91-908-191-5912 | +91-748-602-3925 I Block No.472, Tajpur Road, Changodar, Ahmedabad