AJAI – Autonomous Security Robot

The AJAI Autonomous Security Robot is designed to replace human security guards for increased safety measures. It combines various AI fields such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Decision Making Technologies with different techniques like CNN, R-CNN, RNN, LSTM, DNS, and ML for applications such as weapon detection, custom object detection, speech analysis, and gunshot sound recognition. The robot autonomously surveils, detects abnormal activities, alerts and notifies the concerned authorities, and tracks the target person by collecting data from cameras, sensors, and fellow robots. Its functionalities include 3D mapping using LiDAR, custom object detection, AI-based model prediction, and decision-making, abnormal sound identification using NLP and computer vision, 360° panoramic view using computer vision, motor control using integrated hardware, cross-communication between processors, microcontrollers, and sensors, and alerting and notifying of detected threats/abnormal activities. The robot is designed with an outer bulletproof body, mechanical parts, and assembly.