Anesthesia Ventilator Market Drivers, Opportunities, and Trends in Coming Years

A ventilator is a mechanical machine or a medical device that supports breathing. Its basic function is to manage the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that is, getting the oxygen into the patient’s lungs and helping the release of carbon dioxide from the lungs. The device can be disconnected or removed after the patient has recovered from the illness and can breathe independently without the support of any external machine.

Anesthesia ventilators are integral parts of all modern anesthesia workstations. These are highly sophisticated machines that are equipped with various advanced ventilation modes. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is massively boosting the sales of ventilators across the globe. For example, Medtronic plc announced on March 19th, 2020 that it would double its ventilator manufacturing and supplying capacity in order to help medical practitioners combat the pandemic and reduce the fatality rates all over the world.