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Buy Neera Drink Online Thenneera is A DIVINE 100% NATURE DRINK Tapped from Coconut Tree flowers. Now available in Neera Coconut Drink Online

Coco Nectar is the sap collected hygienically from the spadix (Flower) of coconut tree, chilled and tetra-packed.
The most important fact is that Coco Nectar is a 100% Natural Extract without adding any preservatives and with zero Alcohol presence. Coco Nectar is before the stage of Tender Coconut Water. Coco Nectar contains abundant quantities of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. It is Low (35%) GI Index- Diabetic Friendly, Probiotic-Helps Digestion. It is highly Energizing and an Excellent Immune Booster. Highly Nutritious and suitable for all Ages.