Glasses | Accurate requirement of the diopter for myopia

To match a pair of glasses for myopia, two factors should be determined, one is the accuracy of the diopter, and the other is the configuration of glasses. The accurate requirement of the diopter is to go to the ophthalmology department of the hospital for medical optometry. After the eyes are re-worn, prescribe glasses for the final diopter, and take them to the optician's shop or the ophthalmology optometry center of the hospital for optometry. Pay attention to the following points when assembling myopia glasses: the optical degree, astigmatism axis position, and pupil distance should be accurate; Select optical lenses with different refractive indices according to the degree of the eye. The higher the degree, the higher the refractive index; Select the size of the lens frame, which should not be too different from the pupil distance.