Mandi Arabian Restaurant In Lakemba Sydney | Royal Bait al Mandi Delicious Menu

Mandi In Lakemba Sydney brings Royal Bait-al-mandi is a Arabian Restaurant offers Mutton Mandi, Full Lamb, with Madfoon, Chicken Mandi Mild Spicy, Rib Madfoon, Fish Mandi with Battair Mandi and Soups, Kebabs Sizzlers, their patrons have always raved about our food and have come back for more. We specialize in many types of Mandi Chicken, Fish, Mutton.and Types of Biryani also.
Now order online breakfast,naan,kebab, sizzlers,and mandi from royal bait al mandi in Lakemba Sydney .Enjoy the best of Arabian cuisine at royal bait al mandi in Lakemba Sydney .you can also order weekend special-choose from our mouth watering delicious menu i.e,puri,wada ,kebab,sizzlers,mandi and deserts.Enjoy the tasty food from royalbaitalmandi in Lakemba Sydney.