NDIS Pricing List in WA | NDIS Funding Service in WA | NDIS plan Management provider in perth

All NDIS participants are entitled to receive safe and high-quality support and services from their providers. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is the independent agency responsible for ensuring the quality, safety and accountability of NDIS services. The NDIS Commission emphasises the importance of helping the participants make informed choices in their NDIS journey. Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a participant to lawfully use your NDIS funding is a part of informed decision-making.

Under the NDIS, participants have the right to choose their service providers for various support and services. The participant having ‘choice and control’ over their support and services is a crucial NDIS principle, giving participants the right to select providers and refuse services that don’t meet their needs and quality standards. They have the right to address conflicts of interest with providers and can choose how much personal information they wish to share. It is important to note that if services are to be terminated, proper notice must be given to the provider in accordance with the service agreement. The NDIS ensures that participants are not forced to purchase unnecessary services. Participants also have the right to receive NDIS-funded support and services at a fair and reasonable rate.

Plan Guard plan managers can assist you in utilizing your NDIS funds in compliance with NDIS regulations. Effectively managing and monitoring your NDIS funds will help you to better exercise choice and control over your NDIS supports. In addition to helping you manage your NDIS funds and advising you on your participant rights, we may also help you understand your responsibilities as a participant. Contact us today to know more about our services.

NDIS Pricing List in WA | NDIS Funding Service in WA | NDIS plan Management provider in perth

Capacity building supports budget help the participants to access support and services that are designed to build independence and enhance their skills. The funding is divided across nine sub-categories and is included in a participant’s plan according to their goals and disability needs. Since a participant’s NDIS plan and funding are tailored based on need, they won’t necessarily obtain funding for all nine categories. The capacity building supports budget is not flexible like the Core supports budget which means participants cannot transfer funding from one sub-category to another. Still, participants have choice and control over the way they prioritise their funding within each sub-category. The Capacity building budget is divided into the following sub-categories:

Support Coordination
Improved Living Arrangements (CB Home Living)
Increased Social & Community Participation (CB Social Community and Civic Participation)
Finding & Keeping a Job (CB Employment)
Improved Relationships (CB Relationships)
Improved Health & Wellbeing (CB Health and Wellbeing)
Improved Learning (CB Lifelong Learning)
Improved Life Choices (CB Choice and Control)
Improved Daily Living (CB Daily Activity)
Participants can access the services of a plan manager using the funding included under Improved Life Choices (CB Choice and Control). Asking for plan management in your NDIS plan will help you expand your choice of service providers for any NDIS support. Experienced plan managers can help you manage and monitor your NDIS funds along with ensuring prompt payment of all your provider invoices. Plan Guard plan managers can help you access plan management services in your NDIS plan which will take away the stress of having to manage multiple provider payments and keeping track of your budget spending. We are equipped with the skills and experience necessary to resolve any issue regarding your NDIS funding. Contact us today to know more about our plan management services.