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Welcome to high career growth (HCG) International Pvt Ltd, your portal to lifelong learning and professional development. We specialise in offering top-notch training and certification programmes that suit the current demands of the professional landscape as a pioneering organisation in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, we provide Six Sigma certification as well as complete Six Sigma Green Belt training. Our business is recognized by Euro American Join Accreditation Services (EA-JAS) and registered with Universal Registrar, assuring that our offerings meet the highest quality and authenticity criteria.

Our strategic training strategy, which is backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification and MSME registration, focuses on improving individuals' skills and competences. At HCGI, we believe in the phrase "Choose certainty and add value." This approach underpins our objective to provide individuals and organisations with low-cost, high-quality professional training in areas such as Lean Management, ITIL, IATF, and IELTS.