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Society registration refers to the process of forming a society or an association of individuals who come together for a common purpose. This purpose can be any charitable, educational, cultural, literary, scientific, or other similar objects that is not aimed at making profits. In India, society registration is governed by the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

A society is usually formed by a group of people who share a common interest and wish to work together towards a common goal. This may include activities such as promoting education, providing healthcare, working towards environmental sustainability, or providing relief to the poor and needy. By registering a society, the group of individuals can formalize their association and establish a legal entity that is recognized by the government.

One of the key benefits of registering a society is that it provides legal recognition to the group, which means that the society can own property, enter into contracts, and sue or be sued in its own name. It also provides a platform for the members to pool their resources and work together towards a common goal in a more structured and organized manner.

Additionally, society registration allows the members to apply for tax exemptions and other benefits offered by the government for charitable and philanthropic activities. Overall, society registration can be a powerful tool for individuals to come together and make a positive impact on society in a structured and organized way.