SQDC Lean and SQDC visual management huddle board

SQDC Lean is a methodology within Lean manufacturing practices that ensures that a workplace's operations are well-organised and efficient. SQDC stands for Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost. These four elements represent the core aspects of manufacturing that need to be optimised for a business to be successful.
Safety: Safety is the top priority in any workplace. SQDC Lean emphasises creating a safe working environment where employees can perform tasks without risking accidents or injuries.
Quality: Maintaining high-quality standards is crucial for customer satisfaction. SQDC Lean aims to create processes that meet or exceed customer expectations.
Delivery: Delivery refers to timely production and delivery of products or services. SQDC Lean aims to minimise lead times, reduce waiting periods, and ensure that products reach customers promptly.
Cost: Cost efficiency is vital for profitability. SQDC Lean involves identifying and eliminating wasteful processes, reducing operational costs, and optimising resource utilisation.
SQDC Visual Management Huddle Board:
The SQDC Visual Management Huddle Board is a Lean manufacturing tool used to monitor and improve SQDC metrics. It is a visual display board placed in a prominent location within the workplace, making critical information easily accessible to all team members. The huddle board typically includes the following components:
Safety Section: This area highlights safety protocols, incident reports, and relevant information to promote a safe working environment. It might include safety guidelines, accident-free days, and emergency procedures.
Quality Section: This section focuses on quality metrics, defect rates, customer feedback, and quality improvement initiatives. It helps teams identify defects and implement corrective actions.
Delivery Section: Here, delivery metrics, production schedules, and on-time delivery performance are displayed.