SS 321/321H Forged Fittings Manufacturers in India

As the metal is outlined in the midst of the gathering framework, the interior grain of our SS 321 Formed Fittings (WNR 1.4541) and SS 321H Line Fittings (WNR 1.4878) goes to take after the general condition of the part. Then, we offer a wide level of hardened steel channel fittings, for instance, SS 321 connection, SS 321H elbow, SS 321 tee, SS 321H cross, SS 321 areola, SS 321H bushing, and so on.

Additionally refereed as UNS S32100 and UNS S32109, these SS 321 Steady Line Designed Fittings and SS 321H Welded Chamber Fittings, can also be revamped concerning thicknesses and sizes as shown by the specific necessities given by our clients.