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Swerve car game

Swerve car game information
This game is a not a popular on play store. It is based on cars sharp turn and control like that picture. You can play get high score. But it's difficult frist time I am play, I try to get high score but repeat 5 score not going to up you can try also. This game name is "swerve zig zag car game". Zig zag are road in this game. This game are recently released. many cars like f1, supra, gtr etc…

How to play
Tap to right go car right but hold on it. Same on left but it's difficult but you can try again try again he was gone. There are only 10k download on play store. but game is so awesome. There are some pictures.

Which platform are available game
This game available for all users for free, available play store, pc etc.. You can play and enjoy….