Kotpad saree is a traditional handloom saree that originated in the village of Kotpad in the state of Odisha, India. The saree is made using organic cotton, which is handspun and handwoven by skilled artisans. Kotpad saree is known for its unique texture, earthy colors, and intricate designs.

The unique feature of a Kotpad saree is the use of natural dyes, which are extracted from plants, trees, and insects. The colors used in a Kotpad saree are derived from sources such as pomegranate skin, myrobalan, indigo, and lac. These natural dyes are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment, making Kotpad saree a sustainable and eco-conscious choice.

The process of weaving a Kotpad saree is a labor-intensive one that involves skilled artisans. The sarees are made using a pit loom, and the entire process is done manually. The weavers use organic cotton to create the intricate designs, which can take several days to complete.

Kotpad saree has become popular among women who appreciate sustainability and eco-friendliness in fashion. The sarees are also a source of pride for the people of Odisha, as they are a representation of the state's rich cultural heritage.

The production of Kotpad saree also supports the local economy of Odisha, as many weavers and artisans are involved in the process. The sarees are a way of preserving and promoting the traditional craft of handloom weaving, which has been a part of the state's culture for centuries.