The difference between hard gel and poly gel

For all of you nail technicians, it is important to understand the differences between the different types of products used for constructing false nails. The most common choices in terms of nail equipment are polygel and gel nails. Although these two options have similarities, there are key differences that can affect the final results. As a professional nail brand, Onglespro must enlighten you on these key differences.

What is polygel?
Polygel or acrygel is a mixture of acrylic resin and UV gel. It is generally used to build the nails in thin layers, using a suitable spatula brush with a flat tip. Poly gel is also used to strengthen natural nails, and it is often used for medium to long length nails. It is generally thicker than gel nails, making it a popular choice for building nails.

Poly gel, like nail gel, can also be used using popits. These are capsules that function as a mold for poly gel or gel, and which allow the material to be precisely modeled before placing it on the nail. They come in several sizes and are reusable. To handle the poly gel, we use an alcohol solution so that the material does not stick to the brush.

What is nail gel?

Nail gel is a flexible nail builder that hardens when exposed to UV light. It is used to build nails in thin layers, using a fine-tipped brush. Gel nails are also used to strengthen natural nails, often short to medium length nails. Its texture is generally less thick than polygel, an ideal asset for strengthening nails. This is why we have a wide range of construction gel from the ALBI brand! There are Cream Gel and Sculptural Gel.